Monday, March 2, 2009


sumbody tell me now wat shud i do..y leave me hanging??...hey baby..y leave me hanging..totally sumthing goes wrong wif my mind..totally im screw up by some sort of feeling..make me sick...becoming d sickest person in diz im going ot d place dat i wont feel diz feeling anymore....where i can paint my love without any disturbance..paint my love..i shud paint ma's a picture of my feeling ..can i act like sumone else?? o shud i live like a jerk..?hurm.....then make me turn into better person!...dun no wat to do....hurm i believe in my world..n i believe in ma dream....n i believe dat's giving back to you wat u sacrified..then i haf to sacrified more..till to the final destination...dat's wat shud i do..

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