Monday, March 2, 2009



hurm today feels better than last nyte..thanx GOd..smlm dpt mood blik lepas maen kad..ngan erni ,su n yuna..n haf a meaningful chat wif them bout some sort of feeling dat alwiz make me sicks n others sick..guess....feeling dat i cant trying but then i juz cant do comes without being welcome..dat's karma rite..feeling doesnt nid permission to come across our heart n to be staying there forever o for a while...we juz notice dat when we feel a lil pain in one part of our heart..even a lil bit..but it is enuf already to make us feel uncomfortable n feels like there sumthing goes wrong ..realy2 goes wrong wif urself..da suckest state u ever had..i guess..lalalala...hurm when talking bout feels like dun wan to stop telling bout it..feels realy2 comfortable n feels excited..morever,if we r talking bout feeling dat vwe realy2 like it..feeling to sumone..btw..yuna told me dat.."d happiest moment dat u will haf in ur life is wen u know d one dat u realy2 like is also like u...dat feeling is even better than wen u ard haf him o her.."...n now i realy2 stick to dat phrase..meaningful phrase i ever heard..yuna?...alwiz saying sumthing meaningfull....for sure la coz she's older than us..n she knows everthing bcz haf had a lot of xperience b4 dis..

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