Friday, May 8, 2009

hari ini...

woke up at 6.30 am..
wat a gud gurl..haha~
poyo je..
last nyte i slept early la..around 12..rugi je mse untk stdy..dah la got many works to do..
hurm lame tk menaip nie..asyik copy paste post je..hee~act i juz dunno what shud i write on my blog lately..seems like got nothing to tell ..hurm...lagpown busy doing some revision for d incoming final exam..wish all me luck ..
hurm btw..smlm my grndparent fly for qatar loerh..
went to see their daughter..
mak lang and pak lang..
lme gak dey all akn stay sne..around 3 month i guess.
semoga sihat sejahteralh mereka..
pgi tdi pergi swimmng ngan su...
agak best sbb xda orng sgt..
kolm tu mcm kitrong punye..
but then ak nye lengan burn gile..
xyah pakai armsock dah laen kli..sure org xsedar....
nk blik..lmbtnye...xsbr nie..
owh2..da kol 11.44 am.
haf to go..
len kli la ak krng sumthing interesting to read..hee~
lost of idea nie..

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