Saturday, December 11, 2010

Kata zack.

hai hai hai n hai, me come back again. Nothing much to say, just wanna write something about my life lately. eh eh, correction, not lately but then da berkurun I guess. 2 months ago, read one blog, written by zackzukhairi, forgot what title the entry is.

kata perempuan "ak nk cari kekasih yg bole menyayangi ak"
kata lelaki " ak nk cari makwe yg bole memahami ak"

after reading his blog, me dgn confident level yg sgt tggi menggunung which 100% completely agree w/ his statement. Now I agree w/ Mr Lau, higher confident level will give you less accuracy(application based on what i gained in class) Bkn ape, most of the things that happened around us mmg itu mcm, right?, don't believe me, do ask your boyfriends and your girlfriends, what do they looking for in their partner. Zack sure had experienced a lot of things in his life that made him came out w/ that phrase. For me, its kind of true because once my special one say " i love you" , "i miss you", it feels like exciting. Tell me I am right. If not, prove me that me is wrong. Sebb itulah dengan bersungguhnye me trying to understand my bestfriend. As time goes by, i realize that zack's phrase is not working all the time. For me, both parties have to try to understand each other. Which means woman is not the only one who should try to understand her partner, man should do the same thing. By doing this, both will have a good understanding among them. Owh, berhajat mau mengarang pendek aja, sekian n we cont later.

pee-ass: instead of becoming more sensitive, men need to become sensitive to the needs of women.

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