Sunday, December 12, 2010


As titled, rojak ; means that tonight I'm gonna tell a lot of story ( a lot = 3). And as usual, im not that good in writing an entry, so for those who don't want to read it, u better move to another interesting blog, else u can stick to this freaking bored blog. T_T ( shame on me) Move on the story no. one :

Scene 1; Facebook.
was looking at nuzie's fb, and tetiba ternmpk fb my old friend. Lame tidak bertandang di page beliau, maka w/o wasting time, me clicked her name and teeettt! terpapar la fb dia kat screen. Dan i was erk, what the hell, add as friend terpapar =.= . omg, we r friend before, what makes u removed me as ur friend. I thought once u r friends, forever you will be, but then in this case, it isnt. I was shocked! Sbb we are good to each other before, guess I need to give her a call to make things clear. =.='

Scene 2; Kelantan.
Was talking to some girls, immature girls perhaps. Has no intention to elaborate more on this issue. Cuma mau ckp, what important in a person is not how they look in public, what really count is our heart, it doesn't matter if u r not as pretty as barbie, angelina jolie, jennifer lopez or etc etc , as long as u have such a pure heart, that makes other feel comfortable to hang out w/ you, make others remember u anytime, anywhere and so on. That what really counts in a relationship, and also, doesn't mean that once you got un-pretty face, u will have all bad luck in ur life. Bear it in ur mind peeps. begging you. Even-though me myself not a kind-hearted person, but still, sbgai peringatan kepada diri sendiri juga. We are made w/ no different w/ others, semua tiada beda nya. That's all.

Scene 3; Ukay??? ;)
I am happy. I believe in you kura kura :) thanks for calling me everyday even-though you are far far away from m'sia :) really appreciate that ^_^ really really really like you. gamsahabnida
:) <3

pee-ass :bersahabat untuk selamanya, bukan untuk bersuka ria sahaja :)

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