Sunday, January 16, 2011

Big sigh.

Hye there, im back after a week, perhaps. Is it a week or more?? im not so sure about it. Lately my life kinda sucks, no no , it wasnt sucks, just that im the one who's not use of being all alone. By right, alone here means, no chatting, no skype-ing, no calling, and all that. But i dont give a damn about it. Life must go on no matter what happened. :)

Last night i received a message from celcom. For the first time im not that "into" my birthday which coming soon. Im not that excited to have a week of free calling and texting for the besday present. First time ever in my life, after getting text from clcm, i felt so sad, confuse of why am i feeling very sad about replying "YES" for that text. Back then, i was thinking, who am i gonna call, since my very bestfriend isnt here. I should get a life act, nothing to be bragged about this thing. =.=' poor me.

Lately maxis broadband is behaving very good, kalau skype mesti best. But again i had no one to skype w/ =.=' . Feeling so doomed. Fighting !! aja aja, in one day , im gonna turn to 21, dear me, please be matured, dont be a spoiled brat. Cant wait to see what he got for my birthday, act i supposed not to expect something from him, 'cause i knew him well, ard.

Btw before i forgot this important thing, few days ago, i have a chat w/ weirdo,after a few months been apart. Glad to hear that he's still remember me and i thought he completely forget about me, yet i was so wrong. Seems like he's been very well there, in UK. Good to hear that, and im looking forward to see you. Good luck there weirdo :)

pee-ass: weirdo seems different a bit, i mean he's been nice compared to before. Next time i'll text u.

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