Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tips: Healthy Living ;)

Berat badan ak da turun sejak dua menjak nie ;) * klo la ayat tu bole diaplikasikn untuk ak, kan indah dunia nie =.=' to be true, ayat tu bukan untuk ak semestinya T_T it's for my housemate. Wah, semua da mkin kurus nie, then what the hell is happening to me, badan makin kembang sejak dua menjak nie T_T saya juga mahu memiliki badan mcm kakak saya, tyra banks ;) *ngaku kakak, tk tahan bai =.= . Haa, but then to be honest, ku jua mahu badan slim like tyra dude! helmi!! opppsss, silap, help mi!! :D hahhaa *gedik gila, tiada kaitan name tu, sje je* .Since everyone is racing to have an ideal weight or bikini body, ak pown xnk terlepas kesempatan itu ahaks :) . So, let's us berdiet dengan cara sihat okay.

Before i go farther, i would like to correct some things, or ways that are so wrong, plain wrong, in order to have a slim bikini body. As from my observation, there'r some women out there, take the very wrong way in trying to get the best shape of their body, which might harm themselves. Im talking this based on my experience of having a friend like that, it just happen that i love my friends, perhaps =.= oh yes, i love my friends, so please , take care of ur health. Sometimes what u are having is not good for ur health. Ceh, laju je menaip, but this is for real =.= im not talking shit here.

The very wrong way of having diet as "mentioned" above are;
  1. taking cookies w/ a tons of butter instead of having rice, oat or cereal.
  2. a cupboard of junk foods.
  3. soft drinks instead of plain water.
  4. no exercise.
Y'all should avoid that.

Lets start w/ a healthy living.
  1. getting adequate exercise.
  2. more plain water to act as lubricant in your body.
  3. recognize what ur body need.
  4. dont skip meal 'cause when u are avoiding meals, you will feel more hungry and eat a lot once u eat, better for u to take meal 6 times a day w/ a small amount.
  5. avoid from buying cookies or junkfoods, avoid eat them while watching movies, cause u wont realize the amount u eat is increase while watching. Take fruit and plain water instead.
  6. eat more salads.
That's all for now :) happy diet-ing

pee-ass: i eat everything, i just dont over eat (Tyra Banks)

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