Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tips: Things that men know about women.

Hai all, act i have a lot in my mind, but dont know how to tell in paragraph. That's why for this entry, i put a pic, 'cause pic speaks well, innit?? padahal for every entry mesti mau ada picture =.= . Reason why i put picture sbb other blogger ckp if u want others read ur blog, make it interesting by putting a pic, to be exact a lot of pic. But i dont see this thing works, 'cause pembaca belog berhabuk ni tk ramai pown. Ke kene tmpal picture sendiri nie??? -.- if it is like that, then smpai bile i wont have a hundred of readers 'cause ku tk suke tampal gambr sendiri for my entry. Weird innit?? -.- okay act dah kuar topic nie.

Berbalik kepada the reason why im updating this so-called blog nie, sbb nk tepek gmbr kat sebelah je act, tp termengarut. =.= . Menarik kan gmbr kat sebelah tu??? angguk angguk +.+

Yes, the pic is true indeed. Men do know nothing about women. That is true. Thats why some said korg mmg xkn habis belajar when it comes to women's thingy. Plus, in my opinion la, sometimes woman the one who's trying so hard to understand man, yet man do nothing to make relationship better. In the end, argument after argument. Haa sometimes man have to become more sensitive to woman needs instead of their needs only. That's all perhaps.

pee-ass : behind every successful man is a surprised woman. so do appreciate woman more :)

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