Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tips: Culture Change


Lame sangat dah tak update blog nie, busy je this few weeks, dengan National Intership Challenge, dengan event Jom Makan Weyh and segalanya la. Btw update hari ni bukan nak mengadu domba dan menjadikan blog makhluk yang tidak bole berkata kata ni sebagai mangsa, hari ni nak bercerita sedikit pasal culture kita dia malaysia (wah, memang baguslah amek subject ni this sem) bole gak share sedikit sebanyak ilmu kat blog yang memang ntah ape ape nie =.='

Okay back to the main topic, have you heard about cultural change? for those who has not heard about it before, cultural change ini adalah semacam perubahan culture that happens due to a lot of reason of course, few of them are diffusion of culture, globalization, and travelling of mankind all over the world. Basically there are a lot of differences between mankind all over the world. Before taking this course, I never knew that even the way we sleep is influence by culture and of course I am sure that you guys never realized it too, innit? For example, we Malaysian people wont go to sleep with at least 5 pillow on bed, and Japanese people, even with piece of wood, they will have a soundless sleep. See, that's how culture had influenced us. I believe most of Malaysia will nod their head reading this la. (bajet je kan )

Plus they way we eat rice also is influenced by our Malay culture. As what my lecturer said before, 99 % of Chinese will have nose or throat cancer, this is due to their culture which is eating rice when it is still hot by using chopstick. Malaysian wont do that because they will eat using their hand which they will wait for the nasi panas to be cooled first by blowing ( i dont know what is the exact word la for tiup nasi when it is still hot) the nasi panas. This will eventually prevent them from having nose or throat cancer. See how it works dude?

Besides, they way we speak is influence by culture too. We were told that Malaysian have a low touch culture, low touch means when u meet someone else, either you friend or you relatives, the thing that you will do or cross your mind first is, to shake hand, innit? that's what we called low touch culture, by right it means the degree of touching between them is low.Meanwhile, the country that have high touch culture is Egypt, and many more that have the habit, when they meet their friends or relatives, they will hug each other and kiss perhaps. And the country that have very low touch culture is Japanese. They don't even want to touch you when meeting with you, they will just nod their head showing respect. That's how it works to them. This thing goes on till the end of world.

Culture change also diffuse through globalization. Years ago, when I were a kid, I used to play with mud and clay, playing with lompat tali *we called them, dont know their exact name* we play patung kertas, we played power rangers among us, we play games called *lawan pemadam*, we buy dendang, tora and all that stuff la. Nowadays because of culture change, kids today will played PSP, PS2, PS3, Xbox and all those thing. This is due to globalization through out the world. Even power rangers series is changed b'cos of globalization. Can u imagine what will happen next 50 years, 100 years? Sometimes i do see globalization will make good to the world, and sometimes i dont think so. Globalization has it's positive and negative effects. Depends on how people accept it and use it. Fuh~

You guys have to learned this subject. We will know how to behave and not to behave when we are in different country and different ethnic. Maybe they way we are practicing in our country such as how we speaks, is interpret as a rude way of talking in other country, we wont know it until we study about their culture. That's how important culture to us. Enough for now la.

p/s: kepada anak anak zaman moden, korang memang xda life la, asyik ngadap psp je keje :P

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